• Welcome to our fast growing community of people who want to help each other and touch their dreams by using an advanced loan platform.
  • Crystal7 is a digital "creative and practical" online platform, welcome all members around the world. And our business creates this lucrative opportunity to make money online to produce and meet the growing global demand for crystal products.
  • The main goal of the platform is to create the most stable and highest profit for all lenders by distributing capital into production and generating profits from products to meet supply.
  • We provide an investment plan in 7 or 30 days. Each 30-day loan cycle is considered as a repayable loan and will offer a gross return of 154%! High profit with 7% per day and 110% per week is to buy digital funds in our platform.
  • Open Account in our platform is free and fully secured with our strictly security protocols to control important transactions and protect sensitive information.
  • With our production and mining output each year to meet production needs at key strategic locations in the US and Russia. In a long time, our expert team continues to invest in stocks. In parallel, we will continue to invest extensively in industries such as jewelry and cars. These are great industries with great potential profit.
  • We have made a lot of efforts to provide our members with effective applications and we will ensure that every member gets our best service. If you have questions, please visit F.A.Q in our website or please contact us via Email, Live Chat or our support form here.
  • This plan was engineered with one principle in mind : Maintain the gold point between profitability & stability.

    Upon deposit, your principle ("original funds") is absorbed for the favor of 7% daily interest auto credited (every business day) for 30 calendar days. This profitable plan has low risk due to short "14 days" break even point.

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  • This trial plan aims to realize profits quicker than the 7% daily plan at the expense of your total monthly return.

    With short lifespan, this trial plan reach over the "break even point" within a single week, but the profitability is lower in compare to "7% Daily" plan. After 7 calendar days from deposit time, you will receive  110% total return.

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